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My D? Bantam


My Bantam,
its made from a D1-D3-D7-D10-D14-and a B175
i have not quite got the full list so im looking for a D5 front wheel
if anyone can help

Well after a few years of hunting i finally found a D5 front wheel
it makes a huge difference to the breaking efficiency, and is a lot
safer in modern traffic highly recommended for any D1 or D3
a BSA C10L front wheel is identical and would also fit.

Pictures and diagram's for assembling the 4 speed gearbox oo

12volt conversion using a Zener diode and no battery ****

Wiring and Switch layout for D14 Bantam and D7 Twin Switch ****

Thinking of replacing your Bantam rear chain, read This ****

D7 wiring permutations ****

Timing a D10/14 Bantam ****

P5XBX at